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Michelle Thimesch

Michelle Thimesch

CEO | CrowdFund Main Street | Class of 1985

It was in Champaign-Urbana that Michelle Thimesch made an important self-discovery three decades ago:

Customer service call center jobs weren’t for her.

“I remember working as an undergrad in the Inter-Library Loan call center,” the CrowdFund Main Street CEO and Class of 1985 grad says from Oakland, Calif.

“This was my first encounter with cubicle work and even though it was amusing to watch my co-workers struggle to stay awake and take calls, I realized then that I would make a lousy office worker bee.

“After a few months, I grew restless and quit.

“Instead of finding another job, I joined the debate team, where I could argue with people about more than their lost books and library fines.”