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Jill Wine-Banks

Jill Wine-Banks

Watergate prosecutor | Led American Bar Assn. | Class of 1964

Jill Wine-Banks' Illini experience comes in two parts: her three years at Iota Alpha Pi's cramped quarters in Urbana (1002 Lincoln) and her year at the sorority's spacious new home in Champaign (303 John) in Champaign.

"I´m amazed that I remember the addresses and have pictures in my mind and in photo albums that capture the era and horrible hairstyles," says the former Watergate prosecutor from the Class of '64.

“I remember the drug store and beauty shop on the corner near the house on Lincoln and the large living room on John where we held chapter meetings and candlelight ceremonies when a member got pinned or engaged.

"I remember Iota´s open kitchen where, because I never slept until after midnight, I would snack on potato chip sandwiches or whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce.

“I also remember learning proper etiquette about passing salt and pepper — always both together, and the creamer — take it with your right hand, turn the handle to pass it with your left hand.

“But, most of all I remember all the wonderful roommates I had for those years until I became president of the sorority and had my own room with a private bath, including a luxurious tub. That was the first time I had not shared a bedroom since I was 2 years old.”