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Nidia Holiday

Nidia Holiday

Management analyst | Defense Health Agency | Class of 2009

To a young Latina like Nidia (Gaona) Holiday, there was no place quite like La Casa Cultural Latina.

“Truly a place where I felt a sense of belonging,” Holiday (BA ’09, communication) says from Washington, D.C., where she’s a management analyst at the Defense Health Agency, which provides high-quality and affordable healthcare to members of the military.

“La Casa was an educational powerhouse with flares of culture from Latin America and all over the world. A place where one could come in and feel empowered and become involved in advocacy for the Latino community in and outside of the university.

“I loved the free salsa classes during the week and the international cuisine days. So much food, so much fun.

“With all that is happening in the world today and the challenges the Latino community is facing, I only hope La Casa is still going strong — advocating, empowering and bringing people from all over the world together to celebrate culture.”