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Tonya Williams

Tonya Williams

2-time All-American | 1995-96 Dike Eddleman Award | Class of 1996

We say Illinois, track and field legend Tonya Williams says ... Quad.

"I enjoyed the crowds that gathered around the Quad," says the two-time All-American and 2018 inductee into the Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame.

"No matter what time of the day or what day of the week, you were sure to run into anyone and were able to strike up interesting conversations. There was always some activity going on, as well, that would catch your attention. 

"I also enjoyed strolling up and down the famous Green Street. This was the ‘Strip,’ if you will, of campus — always busy, always action, always fun.

"It was even better if you had the opportunity to live on Green Street. This was definitely the Times Square of campus life."

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