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Pat Draves

Pat Draves

President | Graceland University | Class of 1990

Those long, chilly nights in Noyes Lab led to a distinguished career in academia for the president of Iowa's Graceland University.

Not to mention a marriage.

“I met my husband Jeff, who was on the first floor of Noyes, and we both have fond memories of the old laboratories and great science done there, as well as coffee breaks as newlyweds,” says Pat Draves (Ph.D. ’90, chemistry).

As a grad student in the late ’80s, home for the budding scientist was the building’s basement.

“I recall spending hours in the cold room of Noyes during protein purifications and had good Illinois hoodies to help me through,” she says, quick to add it was all worth her and her husband’s while.

“Illinois built on our liberal arts undergraduate degrees,” she says, “and prepared us for rewarding careers and lives.”