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Rich Surles

Rich Surles

Lieutenant, Criminal Investigations Division | Urbana Police Department | Class of 1997

The Lincoln Hall that Rich Surles experienced was a little more, shall we say, rustic than the version today’s Illini enjoy.

But what it lacked in fancy amenities $40 million and twentysomething years ago, it more than made up for in fond memories.

“I had so many great classes and lectures there,” says Surles (BA ’97, sociology), a lieutenant in the Urbana Police Department’s criminal investigations division.

“Despite the fact that the building was rough at the time, it was a good building in which to have classes. The building had so much character and was in an ideal spot to get to other buildings on campus quickly.

“I spent a quite a bit of time in that building and always felt comfortable there. Abe’s nose always got a rub on my way to a final exam for good luck.

“I am so happy that the U of I finally got the money together to get Lincoln Hall renovated for current students.”