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Scott Hauser

Scott Hauser

Associate general counsel | Fitbit | Class of 1986

It was a crisp, cold winter morning and Scott Hauser (BS ’86), who’d go on to be Fitbit’s associate general counsel, was on his way from Forbes Hall to an 8 a.m. freshman engineering class.

“I walked downstairs, pushed open the door, and took a deep breath of the brutal winter air, hoping to be fully energized for the long walk to the Natural History building. Before that day, I’d never smelled South Farms. I will never forget that smell. Ever.”

His other most memorable Campustown scent was far more pleasant.

“I’d never had Chicago deep dish pizza before. I fell in love with Papa Del’s pizza — sausage — at the Green Street location. It was a favorite meeting place for many of the student groups I belonged to, but not for dates. It’s hard to be focused on your date when the pizza is that good and you eat that much. 

“The old location may be gone, but I still make time to eat a slice every time I go back. One of these times, I’m going to bring a whole frozen pizza back with me.”