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Sarah Seiler Watson

Sarah Seiler Watson

Executive director | Looking for Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area | Class of 1979

Forty years later and all grown up, the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma got together for a recent reunion.

“It felt like yesterday for us,” Sarah Seiler Watson said of seeing her former housemates again.

“I grew up with only brothers in a small town and lived a pretty sheltered small-town life. That could account, in part, for my fondness for my sorority sisters.

“It was a first for me to live with and share with women and find those common bonds, whether academically or socially. I do recall that ‘All My Children’ and 'Saturday Night Live’ were house favorites. 

“I was involved in a variety of campus-wide activities and loved the opportunity to work with so many dedicated and passionate students and faculty. I was the Panhel rep to USGA (Undergrad Student Government) and StarCourse, to name a few.

“The more I thought about it, the more memories I cherish.”