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Joe Halwax

Joe Halwax

Sr. VP, managing director | PNC of Chicago | Class of 1993

If it was a home football game day during Joe Halwax’s four years on campus, that meant two things:

Late morning kickoffs and parties on the patio.

“Even as the Illini had good teams from 1989 to 1993, when I was there, we were almost always the 11 a.m. game,” recalls Halwax, who earned his bachelor’s in finance and is now the senior VP and managing director responsible for institutional asset management in PNC’s Midwest and West Coast markets.

“At the Evans Scholar House where I lived, which had a lot of ‘character,’ we had an outdoor patio called the Pit, where my friend Brian Henning would dress in shorts, flip flops and a Chief Illinwek headdress — and nothing else — while working the grill for morning burgers.

"Great lifelong friends and memories from the University of Illinois."