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Steve Suderman

Steve Suderman

President | Good Vibes Sound | Class of 1970

Before he ran one of C-U’s most successful electronics companies, Good Vibes Sound boss Steve Suderman ('70) spent seemingly every waking hour at 704 South Sixth Street.

“My favorite place to hang out on campus was Record Service — they always had the newest vinyl from Led Zeppelin, Little Feat or any of the great '70s rock bands. But the campus location where I spent the most time — every day for five years — was 704 South Sixth Street. 

"Good Vibes grew out of a tiny local shop on Green Street next door to DeLuxe Lunch and above Record Service.  When that building was condemned, both Good Vibes and Record Service moved around the corner above Second Chance bar. Both businesses were growing fast so Record Service took the space above McBride's Drugs and Good Vibes annexed the front. 

"It was a rockin’ business and music lovers flocked to the only store with Klipschorns for miles around. Lucky for Record Service, they’d relocated because Good Vibes and Second Chance burned down on January 19, 1977 in the biggest fire ever in Campustown. 

"Below-zero temps made for miserable conditions for firefighters. CFD called in 48 off-duty men and Urbana and university firemen were recruited to help — totaling 115 men — battle the blaze. Flames shot 30 feet above the roof before it collapsed — that’s when I went home. 

"The building was lost and they had to scramble to save the block when embers fell on House of Chin and burned some of the roof. Ice covered everything that wasn’t burning. 

"Fortunately, we had good insurance and re-opened in a matter of weeks. But no longer in Campustown.”