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Stuart King

Stuart King

Christie Clinic anesthesiologist | UI trustee, 3-degree grad | Class of 1990

We say Illinois, Champaign native and newly appointed UI trustee Stuart King says ... Burrill Hall Library

“In undergrad, I recall spending quite a bit of time there,” says the Bruce Rauner-appointed UI trustee, who earned three degrees at his alma mater, then stuck around and built a career here.

“It was a smaller library that was quiet and we would meet there to study in small groups. Afterward, If it was Wednesday, we would stop by Little Kings night.

Among King's other favorite places: the second floor of the Medical School Library ("There were tons of plastic body parts, everything from limbs to livers"); Nature’s Table ("for red beans and rice, a staple at that time") and Garcia’s ("pizza by the slice on Wright Street").

“There was no Internet, and there were no mobile phones or texting, so hangouts were a significant part of our social structure.”

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