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Shiraz Tayabji

Shiraz Tayabji

Senior principal engineer | Applied Research Associates | Class of 1975

Nothing matches the memory of meeting Andrea Phillips — his future bride of 41 years (and counting) — but that's hardly Shiraz Tayabji's lone fond recollection of being on campus in the early '70s.

Among the others for Applied Research Associates' senior principal engineer:

— "Personally meeting Professor John Bardeen, the two-time Nobel Prize winner, during the spring of 1972 while I was living at Daniels Hall, right next to the physics building. I was introduced to Professor Bardeen by a friend of mine, a student of Professor Bardeen's, who also lived at Daniels."

— "Summertime at the Quad listening to the Medicare 7, 8, and 9 band and at other times just strolling along the Quad."

— "$1 pizza slices from Garcia’s on campus."

— "Doing graduate studies at the best Department of Civil Engineering — then and still is."

— "Late-night camaraderie with other graduate students at Murphy’s Pub."