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Stuart Lieberman

Stuart Lieberman

Manager, media/PR | New York Road Runners | Class of 2010

If it was early Friday morning in the late 2000s, it’s a good bet that Stuart Lieberman and friends could be found at Legends

“Every Thursday night, after we sent the final Daily Illini print edition of the week to press, you could find us all huddled together in the front few booths and tables of Legend’s on Green Street. 'DI Fridays,' we called them," says the media/PR manager for the New York Road Runners.

"We’d go straight from the DI newsroom to our regular bar tables, gathering to celebrate the finish to another week. Some Thursdays, there’d be 30 of us taking up the entire front portion of the bar. Other Thursdays, there’d be just four or five of us holding down the fort. 

“Nonetheless, it was a constant throughout my four years of college. We’d talk through our trials and tribulations from the week, our can-you-believe-that-happened stories and, of course, endless debates about which Illini coach would get fired next — except that one year we made the Rose Bowl.

"We all shared a similar passion for journalism and a curious desire to know about the world, and I made some of my closest friends there who I remain in touch with today both on a personal and career level.”