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Ted Chien

Ted Chien

President/CEO | Sullivan, Cotter & Associates | Class of 1984

“Who could forget Little Kings at Cochrane’s, doing laps at Kam’s, a slice at Garcia’s or a deep dish za at Papa Del’s?"

Not Ted Chien ('84), now president and CEO of a Minneapolis national health care consulting firm.

“The education had its ups and downs — and was by no means a cakewalk — but as I reflect on the organizational skills, technical skills and competencies I call upon today, I left the university eyes wide open and the confidence to make a difference," Chien says. "Not exactly knowing what it would be but knowing I wanted to in some way.

“Lastly, my time in the Greek system especially prepared me to lead in different venues. Phi Sigs gave me the opportunity to put my toe in the water around fiscal responsibility, recruiting talent and ultimately leadership. Who would have thought that a fraternity president might lead to a CEO position someday? 

"I am blessed to be working with some of the most talented people in my industry and it wouldn’t have been possible were it not for my experiences at Illinois.

“Thank you, Illinois, and may we all work to sustain this great institution well into its next 150 years.”