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Deb Neubek

Deb Neubek

Human systems engineering | NASA | Class of 1982

She didn’t keep a sleeping bag under her desk like a few of her fellow architecture students but Deb Neubek’s studio space at Flagg Hall felt as much like home as any dorm.

“Since design is never really ‘done,’ we practically lived there," says the Johnson Space Center-based NASA assistant division chief for integration, human systems engineering and development.

“I distinctly remember one gorgeous spring day when a couple of the guys were tired of being cooped up inside, so they took their enormous drafting tables and set them up in the green space between Flagg Hall and the dorm just north of it.

"As I recall, this was a women’s dorm, whose residents seemed to greatly appreciate the young men out there with their shirts off. I can’t say the same of the administration when they found out what had been done, but it definitely gave the rest of us a needed laugh.”

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