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Adam Swiatek

Adam Swiatek

Manager, corporate marketing | Carnival Corp. | Class of 2010

If friends were trying to track down Adam Swiatek in 2009-10, they knew the first place to look — 512 East Green Street, home to the Illio offices and its hard-charging editor-in-chief.  

"I worked for Illini Media all four years at Illinois. And, I spent a of time in the Illio Office," says Swiatek ('10), now the global marketing and communications manager for Carnival Corp.

"As the editor-in-chief of the 2009 and 2010 Illio yearbooks, I frequently would spend late nights and weekends with my Illini Media staffers. My desk overlooked the Starbucks on Green Street, another place that I frequently visited.

"I remember some of my best creative ideas and plans for the future coming from that office. Among my friends, the joke was that I was always running to a meeting during my time at Illinois. And that’s because I was — an Illio meeting."