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Rasheda Ali Walsh

Rasheda Ali Walsh

Speaker, author | Daughter of Muhammad Ali | Class of 1992

We say U of I, Rasheda Ali Walsh says … priceless.

“The U of I campus was one of the most beautiful landscapes I had ever seen. The timeless, low-hanging trees and the vintage historic buildings forced you to admire its historic presence,” the 1992 UI grad and daughter of Muhammad Ali says from Nevada.

“One of the fondest moments that I had was after a long hard day of studying at the Student Union, which I purposely spent an exuberant amount of time finding material to muster over because of the building’s charm and presence, we would all meet at Kam’s and enjoy each other and indulge in laughter and music.

“Moments in time that allowed us to briefly escape and get lost from the tortures of studying. If you were lucky enough to gain entry on a Friday night, it was priceless.

“It was simply a standard bar with weathered wooden floors and friendly staff. We would get lost in the music. On a typical night at Kam’s, I would be forced out of my seat when the DJ played one of my favorite tunes. One night, it was ‘Personal Jesus,’ by Depeche Mode.

“Looking back, I couldn’t wait to graduate and start my life. Now, I wish I would’ve indulged more and savored all the little moments whenI had pure freedom and no responsibilities — except for showing up to lectures and doing well in school.

“I wish life was that simple now. My experience at U of I set the tone for my belief in higher education and why I still feel that if you ever have the opportunity to attend a university, take it and enjoy every minute because it won’t last forever.”

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