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Bill Browne

Bill Browne

Principal, president | RATIO Architects | Class of 1977

Walter Creese and Richard Betts gave him “an appreciation and understanding of architecture.”

Jack Baker exposed him to architectural design.

Lachlan Blair opened his eyes to historic preservation.

To which RATIO Architects’ Indianapolis-based principal/president would like to say: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

“Without the influence of any one of these individuals, my career might have taken an entirely different path,” says Bill Browne, from the UI Class of ’77.

“Through Professor Blair, I was able to learn of the Preservation Institute: Nantucket, a post-graduate program that I was selected for following my time at UIUC and also led to my graduate work at the University of Florida.

“Each of these individuals continues to influence me even today as I continue my pursuit of creating architecture of consequence.

“I wish that I could reach out to each to thank them for what they provided me as a student. It warms my heart as I recall my time with them as I write this response.”