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Ryan Suffern

Ryan Suffern

Head of documentaries | Kennedy/Marshall Co. | Class of 1999

An Illini love story, Espresso Royale-on-Daniel edition ...

“Not only am I reminded of the countless hours spent there as my go-to place to study outside of the dorms and campus apartments,” says Kennedy/Marshall Co. documentaries head Ryan Suffern (BA ’99), “but it was at the Espresso Royale that I ran into a girl from my Hemingway class spring semester of my junior year.”

Her name was Kim Garr and she too was majoring in English.

“I asked her if she wanted to study together for our upcoming final in Professor Emily Watts’ class, and we met up the following day at the same coffee shop to prepare for the test. 

“Kim and I started a conversation that day, which eventually manifested in meeting up for a couple of weeks in Europe the following fall, while I was studying abroad in England. 

“We’ve now been married for 14 years, in no small part to the Espresso Royale.”