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Bruce Drolen

Bruce Drolen

Senior technical fellow | 37 years at Boeing | Class of 1979

“Thinking back to my years at Illinois, I’m torn between a few favorites,” says recently retired Boeing senior technical fellow Bruce Drolen, a dual-degree mechanical engineering alum.

“I really enjoyed reading Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s comments about Krannert Hall, the Concert Choir, our wonderful director Dr. Harold Decker and the hilarious Vocal Valentines. Some great memories there for sure.  

“Given the hours I spent in my Mechanical Engineering Lab office looking out the window to The Boneyard, that makes the list as well.  

“But my top choice is lying on the grass on the Quad on a beautiful summer day, reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and just enjoying the world passing by.

"Of all the great memories, I wistfully keep coming back to that one.”