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Yakaira Nunez

Yakaira Nunez

VP/Research & Insights Platform | Salesforce | Class of 1996

We say Illinois, the Class of 1996’s Yakaira Nunez says … Busey Brothel.

We’ll let the Fortune fellow and Salesforce vice president explain.

“As a Six-Pack graduate — Hopkins Hall, yaw’ll — it was imperative to me to have a ‘little’ more control over my home environment. So I joined a group of 11 amazing ladies from different disciplines — engineering, music, rhetoric and architecture — and we decided to rent a former sorority house on Busey Street … a home that we lovingly named the ‘Busey Brothel.’

“Living there was the perfect combination of work and play. We created a wheel of chores that sometimes was adhered to, we had regularly scheduled themed shindigs — always completely legal — and late, late nights playing competitive Spades and Hearts.

“We also very much took advantage of the built-in support system we had created and cared for each other through several personal trials and week-long study-a-thons.

“This cohort of Brothelites still convene regularly — even remotely during COVID — as a result I will always have a soft spot for my former home on Busey.”