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Cam Iannalfo

Cam Iannalfo

Seaman Apprentice | U.S. Navy | Class of 2012

For one night — and unfortunately, only one night — Cam Iannalfo and his friends from Forbes Hall were kings of Campustown.

The Naval officer (Class of 2012) picks it up from here.

“One weekend as we were headed out to the bars, we jokingly flagged down a stretch limo. It actually just got finished dropping off the ambassador of some country, but that didn’t stop the driver from offering us a ride.

"He picked us up and dropped us off door side at Joe’s, then insisted on opening the door for us, saying: ‘This will get you so many girls tonight,’ as the line waiting outside Joe’s stared. We had a blast the rest of the night going bar to bar — Clybourne, Firehaus, Station, Murphy’s and Legends.

“This particular night was actually chronicled in The Daily Illini because one person in our group was a writer.”