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Pedro Cevallos-Candau

Pedro Cevallos-Candau

President/CEO | Primera Engineers | Class of 1980

Pedro Cevallos-Candau took what he learned from Ph.D. advisor William J. Hall and built a whole company around it. 

"Quality in our work. Teamwork. Integrity in all we do. Balance in our lives," says the president and CEO of Primera Engineers and 2015's Chicago Illini of the Year.

“I remember the day that he called me to his office and told me that he and his wife were going out of town and that I have been selected to take care of their dog. This was a great honor since it included quality time to get to know the dog, taking a pair of old, smelly shoes to their house so that the dog will get accustomed to the smell.

"Bill and his wife still live in Urbana and my wife and I visit them every year.”