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Peter Cohen

Peter Cohen

Partner engagement manager | Netflix | Class of 1991

Peter Cohen’s daily dilemma while a student at the UI went something like this: Study in my apartment or go elsewhere?

“Being a morning person," says Netlix's partner engagement manager, "it was probably best to get out of the apartment on Sixth Street and set up somewhere. I would pile my books and a notepad into a backpack — this all predates laptops — and head out. 

“I found solace in two places — the basement of the Illini Union cafeteria and the only coffee shop, a now shuttered place in Johnstown Center called The Daily Grind. They had a breakfast item called ‘The Mad Russian Eggstroganof’ or something like that. It definitely hit the spot.

"I vaguely remember there was some sour cream and steamed eggs. Add in some espresso coffee varietal and I was all set to get a solid B on the next test.”