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Cheryl Easter

Cheryl Easter

Former UI first lady | Wife of President Bob Easter

The first time Cheryl and Bob Easter hosted a big event the President’s house, she was a bit of a wreck.

The occasion: a reception to celebrate the Krannert Debut Artist. 

The problem: “I was not exactly sure what my role was supposed to be,” the UI’s former first lady says.

“I remember standing near the front door to greet guests as they arrived and quickly realizing that I had an easy job. Our director of special events, Dena Bagger, had carefully planned everything and guests were there to have a good time. Our debut artist was Wuna Meng, a beautiful and talented pianist. I was definitely surprised when I was asked to choose the piece that she would perform that afternoon.

“Most people probably do not know that I spent some time in a coat room talking to a young cellist who had provided background music for the event. She was excited and a little nervous to be leaving campus soon for her job with an orchestra in Chicago.

"I enjoyed interacting with everyone that came to the house, guests and all who helped make it a wonderful place to entertain.”