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Dan O’Connor

Dan O’Connor

Video coordinator, International Player Development | New York Yankees | Class of 2012

Whenever Dan O’Connor (BS ’12) gets the what-did-you-major-in question, he usually answers “people.” It figures, given his part-time job as an undergrad.

“It sometimes seemed like I spent as much time working alongside the Meyer brothers, Zach and Mack, at 618 East Daniel Street as I did in my sports-management classrooms,” he says.

As every good Illini knows, that’s the address for Kam’s. Little did O’Connor realize back then that his two-year bar gig would be his ticket to the big leagues — first as a marketing intern with the Arizona Diamondbacks and, eventually, as the video coordinator/international player development for the New York Yankees.

“Kam’s, in a way, even helped get me started in pro baseball,” he says. “When I needed a sports internship to graduate, an alum hired me after an email that included, ‘I’m also very familiar with one of your places of employment, which for now will remain nameless.’

"So thank you, Kam’s, for the countless memories from inside your ‘nameless’ walls.”