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Jaime Torres

General manager/sports attorney

International Baseball Sports Management, Inc.

Andy Szabo

Senior manager, partnerships

Oakland Athletics

Scott Spiezio

Two-time World Series champ

Played on 2002 Angels, 2006 Cardinals

Mike Rizzo

GM, president of baseball operations

Washington Nationals

Tom Sinak

2-time all-Big Ten outfielder

Area manager, New American Funding

Jim Vermette

CEO, UI Alumni Association (1967-84)

Executive VP, Cozad Asset Management

Ryan Coon

CEO, co-founder


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Dan O’Neill

VP of corporate partnerships

Tepper Sports & Entertainment

Michael Osacky



Jay Brown

Chairman, CEO

Vetgate Global

Emily Jaenson

General manager

Reno Aces

Jill Robinson


Atlanta Braves

John Rice

Global sales director

Dresser-Rand Co.

Chris Robinson

2008 Canadian Olympian

3rd-round MLB draft pick

Paul Ward

Coordinator, disabled services

New York Yankees

Seth Gruen

National baseball columnist

Bleacher Report

Tim Lavery

Illini QB/pitcher

Twice drafted by Cubs

Tom Koch-Weser

Former manager, advance information

Houston Astros

Chandler Gilbert

Community relations coordinator

Chicago White Sox

Kate Munson

Communications coordinator

Texas Rangers

Andy Kortkamp

VP, Supply Chain

General Mills

Ehsan Bokhari

Senior analyst

Los Angeles Dodgers

Jenny Westerkamp

Nutrition consultant

Chicago Cubs, Bulls

Jeff Innis

Former MLB pitcher

New York Mets, 1987-93

Darrin Fletcher

14-year MLB catcher

Illini Athletics HOF