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Frank Lunn

Frank Lunn

Entertainment attorney | Repped Dreamworks, Disney | Class of 1991

Among the 93,530 listings in the official National Register of Historic Places is Frank Lunn’s home away from home. 

The address: 212 East Daniel Street. Or, as it’s more commonly known, the Kappa Sigma House (est. 1911). 

“More than an historic building of brick, it has been and continues to be a home for hopes, dreams and aspirations to numerous successful Illini. There were 51 boys clubs on campus but only one fraternity," says Lunn ('91), an entertainment attorney.

"Anecdotes are many — from annual parties such as Red Devil and Dark Horse, which filled the house and yard with hundreds of happy revelers dancing and drinking to music from live bands, to competitive card games in the basement and basketball games outside. 

"At various points during my time in the house, I lived on the third floor, the second floor and in the basement.  Each room was unique and each floor was made up of kids from different backgrounds and upbringings, yet solid in their strong friendships with each other and within the house.

"After 20-plus years away from campus, I had the pleasure to attend the 125th reunion of Kappa Sigma Illini this past fall and I again was struck by nostalgia in entering the house — a sense of pride that so many well-respected men had passed through the same doors as myself. Men who realize how important it is to continue to preserve the fraternity house. We are brothers who care about each other and our special Illini home greatly.

"The friendships and bonds that I made during my five years on campus and in that fraternity house have been a consistent source of inspiration to me as I’ve built a successful career in entertainment — having taught me about the lasting virtues of trust, honesty, integrity, loyalty and kindness — all within the walls of 212 East Daniel Street."