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Jason Christensen

Jason Christensen

Military aide | Office of Naval Secretary | Class of 2013

These days, he goes by Jason Christensen, military aide to the assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy. 

But to the staff of his favorite Campustown restaurant, he’ll always be Carne Asada Burrito Guy. 

" I was studying to receive my master's in urban planning back in 2011. My absolute favorite joint was a little bit further down on Green Street — Maize. They had the best Mexican food in Champaign. I probably went there at least once a week and always got the same thing.

"It was pretty embarrassing because I could call and place my order and they would ask if this was 'Jason.'

"I’ve since moved to Chicago and now to D.C. and from what I’ve heard, the place is still hopping and has added a second location — good on them."