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Jenna Foster

Jenna Foster

Talent intelligence | Google | Class of 2012

The former Jenna Tsarpalas transferred to the UI for her junior year, “mostly owing to a hunch and a new Modern Greek class being offered.”

She left two years later with a soulmate and a career at Google, where she’s a talent intelligence associate.

“Lo and behold,” says Foster (BA ’12, global studies), “I met some of my best friends and future husband (Josh Foster) in the class, and he is the one who introduced me to Campustown’s ‘Greek glory’ — Zorba’s. We went on some of our first dates there, and continued to go regularly. Gryos on Groovy Tuesdays and hot dogs on Wiener Wednesdays — we went so often, they would have our hot dogs pre-carved with our names in anticipation of us coming in.

“I came to love our lunch dates there, often walking to Greek class together smelling like gyros and fries. Later that school year, Zorba’s burned down on my birthday, and I was saddened to miss having it senior year, but we were thrilled to make a return trip a couple years later and relive a bit of our glory days.”