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Ehsan Bokhari

Ehsan Bokhari

Senior analyst | Los Angeles Dodgers | Class of 2014

For Ehsan Bokhari (’14), there’s no place like the Illini Union.

When the future Houston Astros director of research and development went looking for a grad school to finish his education, the Union was his first stop in C-U.

“I stayed at its hotel that trip,” says Bokhari, who spent three-plus years as a Los Angeles Dodgers senior analyst before leaving for Houston late in 2018. “It’s such a beautiful building and it’s filled with so much history. And I always loved the warm feeling it provided when it was cold and snowing outside.

“One of my favorite things to show people who came to visit is the halls of Illini Union that display the portraits of the esteemed alumni. It’s really amazing to see how many great scholars have come from this wonderful school. 

“It’s a place I will never forget and always long for.”