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JJ Polk

JJ Polk

Assistant general manager | Chicago Bulls | Class of 2004

An Illini love story, Café Kopi edition ...

“My fondest memory has to be getting engaged — at Café Kopi — to my law school sweetheart, Jill R. Newbold," says J.J. Polk, who in 2020 left one NBA job 9executive director of basketball operations for the New Orleans Pelicans) for another (assistant GM of the Chicago Bulls).

"We had our first date at Café Kopi during law school, and like the law nerds we were and remain, she suggested we bring our books to our first coffee date.

“Of course, we never opened our books and talked all night until closing time. We now have three great kids — Sadie, Josephine and Jimmy III.

"Who knew the U of I, and Café Kopi, would be such a landmark for our lives.”

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