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Joe Broms

Joe Broms

CEO/founder | Broms Technologies | Class of 1999

Studying computer science in Joe Broms’ day was a wee bit different than it is nowadays. 

“I was an CS undergraduate in the late ’90s — I remember many a night in Grainger Library with textbooks, pencils and papers sprawled out trying to solve some high-level math problem I was pretty sure I’d never use again," says the Wisconsin tech CEO. "Taking a break meant actually browsing the sea of books you are sounded by — a wonderful and memorable experience.  

“I came back only a few years later as an alum to look out on central table area — only to find a completely different sight — a sea of glowing laptops. When change comes, it sometimes comes very quickly.

“Imagine that: a CS grad lamenting the places where there wasn’t a computer right in front of you.”