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Kelli Campbell

Kelli Campbell

Chief operating officer | Discovery Education | Class of 1993

She never dared drink from one herself but oh, the stories Kelli Campbell could tell about those red buckets of beer she used to serve during happy hour at C.O. Daniels

“I still tell stories about it," says the now-COO of Discovery Education and former marketing manager at Getty Images, who spent two college years tending bar at C.O.'s.

"We literally filled mop buckets with the cheapest beer on tap and then handed it over with a stack of plastic cups for people to scoop out their share. Of course, when they got to the bottom, everyone switched to just tilting the bucket back and dumping it down their throats. 

“I read an article about C.O.’s a few years ago, and the sticky floors were cited as both memorable and nasty. I’m sure those floors are a direct result of the buckets o’ beer.

"RIP C.O.D.’s.”