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Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre

VP/technology | Chicago Cubs | Class of 1999

It’s not every day that a mechanical engineering grad with an MBA in IT/finance brings the crowd to its feet at State Farm Center.

But then, it’s not every year that the outfit Andrew McIntyre (BS ’96/MBA ’99) works for — the Chicago Cubs — pulls off what it did last fall, either.

“Bringing the 2016 World Series trophy to center court of the State Farm Center — Assembly Hall, to me — during the Illini basketball game against Minnesota this year” shot to No. 2 on McIntyre’s most vivid Illini memories list.

Also on there: “Classic civilization lectures in Foellinger Auditorium and, of course, taking mid-terms and semester finals; getting destroyed as a freshman in my differential equations course at Altgeld Hall; manually signing up for courses at the Armory; acing my physics mid-term at Loomis Lab; and learning about a new communication medium called ‘email’ and using it to chat with friends at other schools at the Digital Computer Laboratory; late night studying on the Veterinary Medicine campus; and pickup basketball games at IMPE and WIMPE.

“But the place that stands out the most, and continues to be a source of bonding with former Illini grads, is socializing at Kam’s,” he says.