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Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu

Director of dynamics | SpaceX | Class of 2006

Kevin Wu could easily fill a couple scrapbooks with all of the defining memories he has from his four years on campus.

“This small splash in history is where many great friendships were forged in a mixup of mutual naivety, innocence, open-mindedness and a belief that the most special moments of each of our lives were still on the distant horizon," says SpaceX's director of dynamics. 

It was "a time where the freedoms of adulthood were in full bloom, and before the full burdens of said independence weighed upon each of our shoulders. 

“On the more serious side, I recall sitting in freshman English class on the morning of September 11, 2001, when news started to break of the terrorist attack and how saddened we all were. 

“On a lighter side, I remember enjoying the nice, sunny fall weather throwing a football with friends on the Quad.

"On the more studious side, I have memories of struggling through linear algebra in the stale classroom air of Altgeld Hall and spending countless late hours preparing lab reports in Mechanical Engineering Lab building with fellow classmates before breaking for a salty meal at A-Ri-Rang off of Wright Street. 

“There were a fair share of ups and downs at Illinois, but it was a vibrant time of my life that I will always cherish.”