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Bob Nanna

Bob Nanna

Singer/guitarist | Braid, Hey Mercedes | Class of 1997

“Is Garner Hall still there?” asks Bob Nanna, frontman and guitarist for the bands Braid and Hey Mercedes.

Sadly, no. In 2012, a year after the website DormSplash labeled it the worst dorm in America, it got the wrecking ball treatment.

But it was not without its moments, says Hanna (’97): “The music room at Garner Hall was where the very first Braid songs were written. We even named a song after it on our first album.”

“Garner Hall Music Room,” the seventh single on “Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5,” goes a little something like this:

Close windows and drapes

To avoid flying glass and

Water damage


Close room door and

Evacuate to the nearest

Designated shelter area


Do not use the elevator


Seek protection from window areas

Do not go outside the building

This is not a test


In the event of an emergency

Don’t forget to salvage the scene

A laundry list of spitfire items

And the ring you never wear


Hall walls are painted planted

Hall walls never sweat

Hall walls can manage damage

But we never forget


Assume seated position in a

Shelter area and await notification

That the danger has passed


Hall walls are cornered in corners

Hall walls stay staked

Hall walls can contact coroners

Hall walls don’t break