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Lamyaa Eloussi

Lamyaa Eloussi

Software engineer | Google | Class of 2015

They weren’t much fun at the time but those all-nighters Lamyaa Eloussi pulled during grad school make for great stories three years later.

They happened where pretty much everything did for Eloussi, who earned her master’s in computer science from the UI (2015) after completing her bachelor’s in the same subject at Morocco’s Al Akhawayn University (2012).

“When I think of my time at Illinois, I mostly think of Siebel Center,” says the Google software engineer. “That’s where I spent most of my time; when I wasn’t attending classes in the first floor, I was working on some research projects in my office on the fourth floor.

“The most memorable moments I spent at Siebel are the few times that I stayed up until 6 a.m. working on research papers with Professor Darko Marinov and his other students. Paper submission deadlines for software engineering conferences are usually Anywhere On Earth (AoE), which is 6 or 7 a.m. central time and we always worked on papers until the very last minute.

“After submitting our papers, Professor Marinov would usually take us all to an Einstein Brothers nearby for some bagels before we all went home to catch up on sleep.

“At the time, those all-nighters were not very enjoyable but now, they are some of my fondest memories of Illinois.”