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Libby Tyler

Libby Tyler

Planning manager, City of San Pablo, Calif. | Former Urbana community development director | Class of 2001

A tribute to the late, great Len Heumann, from former Urbana community development director and forever grateful non-traditional grad student Libby Tyler ...

“I had many inspirational professors in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, where I received my Ph.D. in 2001,” Tyler says, “but I feel most indebted to the late Len Heumann, who was the faculty adviser for the program and an expert in housing.  

“I was a nontraditional student, working part-time, and seeking a Ph.D. in mid-life, and a ‘faculty wife’ to boot — so I had some baggage to carry. Len stuck by me for the 10 years I spent in the program by being supportive, loving and kind through it all. 

“He showed me that a good heart is the highest and best academic value. My favorite memory of Len was when he performed as ‘Lenny and the Lenettes’ — an irreverent and surprisingly good spoof of a doo-wop style rock band.”

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