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People 28 2001

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Khizer Husain

Director of external relations

Two Rivers Public Charter School

Darius Spieth

Professor of art history


Jake Livengood

Director of career services

Tufts School of Medicine

Scott Slimmer

Laboratory manager

Harvard University

Cindy Chang

Assoc. director, business operations

Codexis, Inc.

Sophia Battle

European procurement director

Nike technology and services

Vicki Ku

Senior product manager


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An education that proves your purpose

Buzz Spector

Professor of art

Washington U.

Jennifer Chochola Tan

PR manager

Newport Aquarium

Margaret Kosal

Associate professor

Georgia Tech

Paula Gruttadauria

Director, retail marketing

Skechers USA

Jonathan Sadowski


‘Live Free or Die Hard'

Erika Harold

Miss America 2003

Champaign attorney

Karleton Thomas

Director of entrepreneurship

Urban League of D.C.

Adam Tirapelle

2001 NCAA wrestling champ

Fresno financial consultant

Brent McDonald

Senior video journalist

The New York Times

Seth Wessels

Finance manage

Dow Chemical

Dino Pollock

Associate AD/Compliance

Cal-Santa Cruz

Amanda Wright

Senior counsel

TD Ameritrade

Alison Osterbur

VP/Human Resources

NBCUniversal Media

Ashley Llorens

Intelligent Systems Center

Johns Hopkins

Carey Radebaugh

Product manager


Michael Layman

VP/regulatory affairs

International Franchise Assn.

Blake Hoerr

Director, fields/grounds

New York Jets

Nicole Cottle

Deputy chief counsel

Dept. of Veterans Affairs