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Lisa Wolf

Lisa Wolf

Co-host | WGN Radio Theatre | Class of 1988

This Illini memory is dedicated to the professor most responsible for all Lisa Wolf has accomplished the past 30 years.

“I received the James Webb Young Assistantship, which allowed me the unforgettable experience of working with Professor Gordon White for two years while attending UIUC for my master’s degree in advertising,” says Wolf (MS ’88, advertising), who now co-hosts WGN Radio Theatre.

“Dr. White taught creative advertising to undergrad students. He was my teacher, my mentor, my confidant and friend.

"He trained me and trusted me to teach his two weekly laboratory sections for his creative advertising classes, and was instrumental in my receiving an offer to be an account executive at J. Walter Thompson straight from UIUC.

“I will never forget Dr. White, as he not only gave me the necessary skills, but also the confidence and maturity to be successful."