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Louis le Roux

Louis le Roux

President | BioAir Solutions | Class of 1995

To the educator who helped mold his future like none other, Louis le Roux says: Belated thanks, Dr. L.

“I believe that Dr. Bruce Elliott-Litchfield had the most profound impact on my life, even thou I never had the opportunity to tell him so,” le Roux (MS ’95/environmental engineering; Ph.D. ’96/engineering) says from Voorhees, N.J., where he’s president of BioAir Solutions.

“It started by his willingness to admit me into his graduate research program with an assistance-ship while he was still a professor in agricultural engineering in 1993. He exhibited a true passion for student learning and remained flexible to adjust to my needs and academic ambitions.

“Even though I was admitted in the food processing program, he continued to fully support me when changing my major to environmental engineering, which ended up my career choice.

“I would be forever grateful to Dr. Elliott-Litchfield for the opportunity that he gave me to join UIUC, which also proved to be the start of my American dream.

"Since my graduation, I worked for two U.S. companies before starting my own, BioAir Solutions. This year, we are celebrating our 10th year in business.”