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Mariam Sobh

Mariam Sobh

Anchor/reporter | CBS Radio Chicago | Class of 2002

Her first fall on campus, future Chicago radio reporter Mariam Sobh was walking to Gregory Hall for class when she was overcome by the foulest, funkiest stench she’d ever smelled. 

Think old days South Farms. Multiplied by two. 

“I can only say it smelled like vomit. I kept looking around, trying to figure out where it was coming from. Was it something I stepped in? 

“And then I noticed it the next time I passed that area, and again each time I would walk by. Long story short, there was a rumor going around that when they planted trees on campus, they planted the wrong one. Something about it being the female tree instead of the male or vice versa, and that’s why there was a strong odor. 

“Don’t know if it’s true, but thankfully I realized I wasn’t crazy, and other people were smelling the same thing.”

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