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Anastasia Randle

Anastasia Randle

Development coordinator | MATTER | Class of 2007

She ran Division I track at Dayton, earned her master’s in sport management and married a three-year Illinois basketball starter-turned-NBA coach.

So it only figures that the first three stops on Anastasia (Harold) Randle’s trip down Illini memory lane all have a sportsy theme:

1. Bowling. “The Union is where I met my husband (Brian Randle) many years ago, in the bowling alley. That place will always feel special to us.”

2. Basketball. “The Assembly Hall is where I spent many, many hours while I was in graduate school, working for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. I really enjoyed all that I learned in the sports information office, and what I was able to be part of with the behind-the-scenes operations.”

3. Volleyball. “As a kid who grew up in Urbana, I enjoyed attending ’Stuff Huff,’ and I still love attending women’s volleyball games when I can,” says Randle, development coordinator for Minnesota-based MATTER, a global  nonprofit on a mission to expand access to healthcare “next door and around the world.”