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Megan Meline

Megan Meline

Interational strategic partnerships | Boeing | Class of 2016

If it happened to Megan Meline at Illinois, it’s a good bet it happened at the BIF Atrium.

“It was a place to congregate between classes with fellow students and friends; a spot for last-minute cramming before marketing finance, or accounting exams; and a late night group project session location where we could order in pizza or Jimmy John’s.

"When I visit campus, I always make sure to pop in for an Espresso Royale coffee and take in all the light that streams through those big windows,” says Meline, who graduated magna cum laude in 2016 with a bachelor’s in supply chain management and marketing.

These days, the member of Boeing’s international strategic partnerships team calls home St. Louis — close enough to come back from time to time and revisit her old favorite haunts, including a few with Green Street addresses.

“Memories that immediately come to mind: riding the rail at Legends senior year, going to Joe’s or Red Lion for Saturday Block in the fall, and waiting in the impossibly long Chipotle line.”