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Charlotte Roh

Charlotte Roh

Scholarly communications librarian | University of San Francisco | Class of 2013

For freshman foodies who haven’t made their way to 1503 South Maryland Drive, a word to the wise:

“If you’re not already subscribed to Meat Mail, you should,” Charlotte Roh says, “unless you’re vegan.”

As renowned as Campustown may be for its pizza joints and multitude of ethnic options, It’s another less-heralded spot that still makes Roh’s mouth water from 2,100-plus miles away.

“Hands down, the number one thing I miss about the campus is the Meat Lab,” she says. “I remember biking across campus with three empty cartons strapped to the back, loading them up with the smallest chicken eggs I’ve seen, and cycling back to my a massive frittata for the week.”

Another equally fond memory: the faculty and staff the University of San Francisco scholarly communications librarian got to know while working toward her master’s.

“It would be difficult to single out any one professor, as so many people impacted my time in Urbana-Champaign. Bonnie Mak, Kate McDowell, Martin Wolske and Vetle Torvik all made me see the world differently than when I started at UIUC.

“I’m also grateful to Jenny Emanuel for a career-launching graduate research assistantship. I can’t believe she was so generous with her time and byline.”