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Melissa Chataigne

Melissa Chataigne

Owner, founder | Chataigne Style Studio | Class of 2003

To this day, some of Melissa Chataigne’s best buds are the women she met on Move-in Day ’99.

“What I love about Illinois,” says the Los-Angeles based fashion stylist, speaker and 2003 grad, “is that sisterhood and friendship hold no boundary or walls.

“I was briefly an Alpha Phi, for two years, but I considered my sisterhood in what people would call the ‘Virgin Vault’ of Lincoln Hall. I met my best friends the first day of move-in and remain tight to this day.

“Rosalyn and Lisa were roommates and lived across the hall. Rosalynn was my maid of honor in my wedding last year. Lisa, Ro and I even lived together in Gardner before I moved into my sorority house. I lived with them after I deactivated.

“I worked at Clybourne so I considered the bar my family, which had a blend of chapters. My other best friend and matron of honor, Ashley, was a Theta and we met a Clybourne. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for nearly 12 years and those girls are still my best friends.”