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Miranda Soucie

Miranda Soucie

Partner | Spiros Law | Class of 2010

The post-undergrad plan, as Miranda Soucie remembers it, was to move to C-U, earn her JD, pack her bags and head to city TBD to begin practicing law.

Commencement day was going on 10 years ago. She still hasn’t left.

“When I came to Champaign, I had no intention of becoming a townie,” the Spiros Law partner says. “However, my first summer, I stuck around and worked with Professor Steve Beckett and his law practice while also taking his evidence class. I was hooked.

“Professor Beckett encouraged my passion for helping people and becoming a litigator. He became one of the most invaluable mentors during law school and beyond. His mentorship led me to many opportunities here in Champaign, and ultimately, to a career right here where I am helping people in and around the U of I community.

“When I left law school to start my career, I was one of the only ones to stay in East Central Illinois. My friends moved far and wide to begin their own careers. So often, that results in long lost friendships.

“However, I have found that for a core group of us, those friendships have only grown deeper as time has passed. We get together regularly, and I am so thankful for the lifelong friends that came from my three years at U of I. U of I is the bond that ties us together. We are looking forward to our 10-year homecoming in 2020.”

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