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Ann Quinn

Ann Quinn

CEO, Quintessential Edge of Australia | Peak performance specialist | Class of 1986

The world as Dr. Ann Quinn knew it bore little resemblance to the one that awaited her in Champaign-Urbana.

But looking back, she wouldn’t trade the culture shock she got in the mid-’80s for anything.

“Coming from Australia, I loved the first snow, the long runs through the corn fields, living in a small town compared to a city of 5 million, the feeling of family with everyone in the faculty, the awesome professors who were leading the world in what they were doing and were such an inspiration, and my fellow students, who were great people from around the world, too,” Quinn (MS ’86, biomechanics/exercise physiology) writes from Down Under, where she’s a speaker, author, CEO and peak performance coach.

“A special thanks to Dr. Jack Groppel and Dr. Dan Gould for their incredible support and great mentorship, which shaped me.

“They were indeed some of the best years of my life.”