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Pam Downey

Pam Downey

Chief operating officer | Elohi Strategic Advisors

Oh, the things Pam Downey saw — and too bad for her, can’t unsee — as an undegrad in the late ’70s.

“Streaking was on the wane but I did encounter a lot of naked bodies running through the streets of Urbana-Champaign. Oh boy!” says the political science/psychology major turned Elohi Strategic Advisors COO.

“Back in those days, the streets in Champaign were comprised of Dooley’s, Stan’s and Kam’s, Murphy’s, Boni’s and, yes, Murphy’s. Bookstores like the Illini Union and Follett’s were where students bought most of their books.

“One of my standout memories was a very cold day in January 1978 when the campus closed due to severe weather. The University of Illinois never closed for bad weather — this was news.

“I am sure there was a lot of beer and pizza consumed over that particular weekend.”